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Enterprise Customization
Add Time:2009-05-18

Amy M1 is a professionally intelligent mobile assistant robot; she can provide telecooperation for companies, serve as a guide at shopping mall, museum, hotel, restaurant and various places. Amy also accepts customized service if on-demand.

For Office

Change the way you work across your organization

Amy works as your assistant, she helps to set and remind you important meetings, events, tasks, she also can be your physical presence on meetings and conversations with colleagues through telepresence and video chat when you are out of office.

For Hotel & Restaurant

Room service and receptionist

Amy can be a professional guide and receptionist at hotel or restaurant, she offers informative service, room service, meal ordering and guide, which will help to create a fantastic experience for all clients.

For Shopping Mall & Museum


Amy provides guides, informative assistance and meaningful service for shopping center consumers and museum visitors,she will help to keep shopping centers and museums competitive and attractive through offering an amazing experience. 

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