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Q:Does Amy Robot need Internet?

A:Yes, it needs connect with WIFI/4G.

Q:How many remote clients (AMY client APP) can control the Amy robot? It is has maximum number?

A:Amy robot can supports multiple client connection. You can download AMY client APP and registered personal account to communicate with Amy remotely. 

Q:How to use Amy Robot?

A:You can find Amy`s user manual once come with Amy Robot package.

Q:Will Amy hit into the furniture or the wall?

A:Amy has self-protection system with obstacle avoidance, she can recognize the obstacles in 500px circle around her body automatically.

Q:How long is the battery life of Amy? And how is her got charged?

A:Her battery can last 10-12 hours. She can go to the charge dock automatically when the battery is under 10-20% capacity. 

Q:How many languages can Amy speak?

A:Amy can support multiple languages. 

Q:Can Amy climb stairs?

A:No, she cannot. She can only move on the flat floor currently.

Q:What is the difference between Amy’s tele-presence with IMs?

A:Amy`s tele-presence is different to traditional IM communication. You can use Amy to presence virtually in a distant place like a real physical presence.Amy Robot will much easier o use, she can easily have the speak interaction, more importantly she can has tele-presence between multiple people in anytime, anywhere without interrupting the current work, she is more humanized and make better experience during communication. 

Q:How can Amy robot be cleaned?

A:You can clean Amy use soft towel in the package and whipped it clearly or please come to Amy’s store and clear Amy inside in a stable period. 

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