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Author:AMY Robotics ,Add Time:2016-02-05

Amy Robotics (Hangzhou Amy Robotics Co.,Ltd), is an innovative technology company focused on research and development of service robots that enhances quality of life with robotic technologies, products and services. Our Business includes R&D, as well as manufacturing and distribution of domestic service robots, business service robots, rehabilitation robot, healthcare robot for family, hospitals, hotels, museums and other public service. 

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Amy Robotics possesses nationalwide network and international branches, R&D centers in the United States and German with a cross-globe network of talents from famous enterprises and universities.

We are committed to improve the life quality of people with cutting-edge robotics technology. We expect Amy`s robots spread in every household and public place, to enriching lives around the world with continuously innovating-creating robotic technologies, products and services.

Our goal is to become a technology-led multinational company in service robotics. 



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